Flag of the United States

Following the attack on America on September 11th, 2001, Americans expressed their unity with the strongest most powerful symbol we have, our Flag. After the initial shock they stripped the shelves of their local stores of every available U.S. Flag. Large numbers of these Flags were put into service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unfortunately, many of these Flags were not up to the task of representing our Country long term. Seeing the worn and tattered Flags populating the neighborhoods motivated us here at the Depot to search out and find a Flag fit to represent our great country.

Here is what makes this handcrafted, all-weather, Flag so special: Construction begins with quality material made of DuPont SolarMax´┐Ż brand nylon that flies smoothly in the lightest breeze. The starfield is fully embroidered. All seams are a full 1/4" turn and sewn with color matched thread. For strength all stitching is in one direction, from header to fly hem, chain stitching for all horizontal seams, and a lock stitch for all edge hems. Fly hems are finished with four rows of lock stitching and a 102 stitch "X-box" reinforcement at the top and bottom of all flags up to 6' X 10'. Flags 8' X 12' and larger feature an "X-box" reinforcement and each horizontal seam.Heavy duty nine ounce material is used for the header, the strongest in the industry. Flags up to 6' X 10'feature heavy duty brass grommets. Flags 8' X 12' and larger feature heavy duty chrome D-rings for maximum flying strength.

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