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We're a catalog for Patriots- those who share our passion for Life, Liberty and
the pursuit of Happiness; all that makes America Great!
All our products are made in the U.S.A. because priorities begin at home.

We also value two things that have become endangered, top quality merchandise and old fashioned service! We respect your time by making every effort to fill your orders accurately and as promptly as possible. Your business is our livelihood. We do our own product testing so many of the products you'll find here, we already have in our home. If we're happy with a product we're sure you will be too! A few of our items are shown on this page. Navigate our product pages using the links on the left!

As time goes by we will be implementing new ideas, adding unusual products and services. At the top of each page in our catalog you will find a Search Tool. Maybe you saw a product last week and can't find it this week; you have the tool you need. We can meet your needs with bunting for that up coming 4th of July weekend, Holiday Banners, Heritage Flags, Poles of all weights and sizes, State Flags, beautiful and useful patriotic items to wear and to decorate your home.

For all our Teachers, Librarians and Researchers we offer the "Educators Edition"; products for classrooms that provide visual learning lessons on history, patriotism and ideals of National Pride. We've even heard talk about a Business and Commerce Page. There's no end to what you'll see, so Bookmark us and return often! For the health of this Great Country, SHOW YOUR COLORS!

and plan on returning. Unique items will be continuously added,
so stop by from time to time.

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